Tuesday, November 27, 2007


So.. I have been waiting for this game for a long time... and I can honestly say it was worth the wait. Bioware makes a great RPG, the best RPGs out there is videogame land, and this one is sure to be crowned their magnum opus. The story is vast and rich (there is a novel to read as a prequel) and the sheer amount of detail they put into the world was staggering...

I am about 9 hours into the game... and already... I deem it "Karl's Game of the Year" (with Bioshock and Halo 3 coming in at second and third respectively. Honorable mention for Puzzle Quest) The first 8 hours were spent exploring the Citadel, the vast space station that serves as the political center of the galaxy. Exploring the many levels, talking to the cool aliens (they had a great conceptual artist and art director for this game, the aliens are all really cool), running quests for folks, and engaging in complex conversations... even this far in I know I am going to play through this game a second time... there are just so many ways to accomplish your tasks. (next time I will play a chick, and I won't be as nice as I am to people now, hehe)

The combat is very interesting... it is a great mix of First-Person Shooter and RPG Menu combats... with a smattering of Tactical Team play for good measure. You really have to think about what you're doing before you fight.. plan your power usage, choose weapons wisely, find cover, control your team... or you die. Trust me.. I know. Often at the hands of these guys...the Geth. (the bad guys)

And the graphics are wonderful... one of the prettiest games I have seen yet on the 360. The worlds and environments are vast and detailed... and the characters are amazing... they really feel like people.. instead of generic sci-fi characters... and the voice acting is superb. If anime had voice acting like this, everyone would watch anime...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Random Life Update!

Well.. life continues onward.. not stopping to ever let someone catch up and make some blog posts.. but here I am valiantly trying to keep up and catalog the happening of my life in digital text form.. probably unlikely to succeed, but I will have fun trying... I think...

So.. to get you all caught up.. over the summer I went home for about a month... I was living here in eastern PA with my sister, who then suddenly decided to move back home.. leaving me
kinda stuck. So I went home, got my learner's permit, learned to drive, bought a car, got my License, and (the same day I passed my drivers test) drove across the state of PA (well, kinda from the midway point) (did all that in about 4 weeks) - and now returned here to Eastern PA.. where I like it very much. I share a house with two other gents.. one and Accountant, the other a Park Ranger. They are nice guys, and one is very into video games like me (the accountant).. and we have a Two-360 household for it.

Work goes along fine.. we have been very busy... which is good for us... and we have the big store remodeling project in the next two weeks.. and it will be sooo nice to have the added room and work-flow problems fixed. And the additional computer for getting design work done... I am nearing my 2 year anniversary... which is crazy... seems like it wasn't that long ago I ws in Ohio playing DnD and working at a shitty Kinkos job... things have had their rocky spots out here (still trying to get my finances straightened out) but overall... it was the right move to make.

Have been playing alot more 360 and alot less WoW of late... I still enjoy WoW, but as of late the 360 has had the superior experiences.. Bioshock was amazing... and Halo 3 is a blast. (not to mention "the game" which comes out next month, hoorah!) Also looking forward to some awesome fighting action in Virtua Fighter 5, later this month...

We have a gaming weekend coming up, so I will have to buckle down and finish up my adventure for our IK group.. we play so little, and the gaps between our sessions makes it hard to keep a good focus on the characters.. but we still have a blast when we play. (which is whats really important...)

I am anxiously awaiting the TV return of BSG.. and November is the month (partly) There is a two-hour "movie" airing then called Razor (which will be frakkin awesome).. and then after that the looong wait until 2008 begins again for the final season (Season 4).. best damn show on TV...
I don't watch much else.. other than some Enterprise re-runs on sci-fi, Pain Killer Jane wasn't bad either... and Ninja Warrior on G4 is hilarious! I also watch Attack of the Show from time to time.. but only because I think Olivia Mun is great eye candy...(especially when wearing a Star Wars costume)

I do want to start blogging in my Star Wars blog again.. but thinking up a good post..is difficult... but I do miss that community.... some really smart and very cool people dwell there... and unlike here, people will actually read the blog, lol.

Friday, September 07, 2007


Widgets make life easy in the blogging world... especially for those of us with limited html-experience. *raises hand*

I added some more to my blog.. as you can no doubt HEAR.. as this crazy music/dance/time thing is going on over there... I'll probably move it, or delete it eventually, but for now.. its cool. It has some very pretty Asian women dancing... why? Who knows...but if you even need to know what time it is.. I have you covered.

Also added a cool iTunes widget.. which updates with my current iTunes info.. music, TV, podcasts, whatever...


Yes, I still play WoW. Added a link/widget to my toon's info at the bottom of the blog, scroll all the way down (use the slider on the right), the widget wouldn't fit on the side, unfortunately.. so it had to go to the bottom. (at least until I find a better place, or a better widget...)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

GenCon 2007!


EDIT 2: Added Link to the True Dungeon Reveal! Check out the story of the cool dungeon we went through! :)

Actual shot from the streets of Indianapolis! What a cool town :)

So another GenCon has come and gone. Much fun was had by all. It was a great Con, as it always is.. lots of new stuff to buy, lots of babes to gawk at, lots of games to play, and lots of time with my good friends... a perfect weekend.

So what went down at GenCon? well lets start with Role-Playing...

The bigs RPG news was of course 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons from Wizards of the Coast. Releasing in May 2008. I didn't actually attend the "unveiling event" I was busy playing other things (see below).. but you can watch the entire event on You Tube.. so its all good. Speaking of which, heres some of those vidoes now.. (don'tcha love the internet?)





So my opinion on this whole thing keeps changing... my first impression is What the Hell?? D20 has been going strong for years now, there is TONS of OGL content out there, and WotC itself has a bazillion books out there.. why re-do it all? After watching the vids.. I can see some of their reasoning.. and I am intrugued. I would like to go on.. but this is a overall GenCon post, not a 4th Edition DnD post.. catch me in the comments or in e-mail and we can talk specifically about it. One thing I will say that I am looking forward to with the 4E release are the online tools.. all I have to say is... Its about Fucking Time Wizards got their Heads out of the Archaic Asses! Online character builders? Online encounter builders? Online DnD playing (for those that live far apart)?.. Yes Please!

Other RPG type stuff.. we continued our yearly transformer game, ran by my friend/cousin Dave.. this time it had a twist where we were playing the bad guys. (I played a particularly evil Insecticon named, Mindswipe) It was great game, and much fun, as it always is. Dave runs a great game, and his love for Transformers shows through in his role-playing.

We also tried a new game I had been wanting to try for a while now. Its a large group RPG with alot of humor called Kobolds Ate My Baby...it was a blast.. you play little kobolds who are trying to ..well.. eat babies. You are not smart, and you die alot, usually in horrible ways. :) It is fun. Worth checking out.

How about Miniatures? well.. it was all about Hordes:Evolution.

Which is an amazing expansion to the already awesome miniatures game from Privateer Press. Their products get exponentially better year by year.. and this is no exception. The new models are awesome, and thier artists/sculptors never disappoint... the new Warpwolf Extreme Model is gorgeous... here are few pics I grabbed with my phone...

We also played a mini-campaign that we wrote that involved around the discovery and capture of an Arcane Mechanic and his rampaging warjacks. We didn't actually make it to the end of it.. (we did need to sleep ya know) .. but we had some awesome battles. A notable one was the battle betwixt myself playing Morvahna the Autumnblade (Circle Orboros) vs. my pal Rob playing Vlad (Khador).. it was a brutal battle that came down to warcaster vs. warlock.. the way all battles should end...

We also sampled a new board game.. the new StarCraft Board game from Fantasy Flight Games. Its was really awesome.. this is a game kinda of in the vein of Arkham Horror.. big, complex, and way fun to play.

Saw some cool WoW footage in the exhibit hall, they were running some of Wrath of the Lich King, which looks perty cool.. and Star Craft 2 was up and running.. and it looked amazing!

And it would not be GenCon without the ever evolving and always cool True Dungeon. This one had some cool puzzles.. and some very difficult puzzles... and we slayed a Shambling Mound, a Medusa (good thing we had all those scrolls of Stone to Flesh) and for the first time in our GenCon careers.. WE SURVIVED! Here is the story of the Dungeon we went through! The puzzles were paticularly devious this year! =D

and of course.. the babes make GenCon what it is... heres some pics!

So the chick above is carving SPAM.. yes SPAM... but more importantly that is DuctTape Girl.. she goes to GenCon every year and always wears home-made and revealing costumes each year. We alwats speculate as to what she will wear each given year.. and seeing her fine costumed form each year is a grand thing. More pics below... the Master Chief himself.. and me and my buds hanging out in the WotC area...

Life Size DnD Troll

The miniature that wouldn't fall over! Must be an act of Menoth!

And one last pic of Mike (Moron) standing on the streets of Indy, taking in the Public Art.. 5 Guys Waiting...

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Musings the from Halo 3 Beta

So...I spent some time in the Halo 3 Beta...

First off, I am realizing just how bad I am at this game, lol. And that my skill level is completely dependent on the skill level of my opponents... there were a few games where I finished in the top 3, and others where I finished dead last. But I expected that... and it wasn't long before I turned off the voice chat...

My initial thoughts - It's still Halo. And that is a good thing. It still feels very much like all the other Halo multi-player matches I have played. very fast paced, very chaotic at times. The graphics are nice, but didn't blow me away. Then again, these are just multi player levels, so they had the usual rocks/grass/water etc.. looked good, but not Gears of War good... The new controls are superb, they take a game or two to get used to, but after that they worked perfect. The difference being the R/L triggers and bumper buttons correspond to your left/right hands in game... which makes it very easy to pick up or drop dual-wielding weapons, and you can independently reload the guns as needed.

The equipment button is very cool (X) and lets you use any "gadget" you might find, included the very cool Bubble Shield. This stops all incoming gun fire and explosions, but doesn't stop people from entering (think of the giant shields the Gungans used in Episode 1) and man does it look and sound awesome! Though once people are used to it.. they just pop in and stick you with a grenade and pop out... so don't stand in there admiring the look/sound of it when being attacked like I did :D

Other equipment are Potable Grav Lifts which you drop and then leap really high when you hit it, or you can toss it in front of an oncoming vehicle to send it sky high. Then there is the Power Drainer which, as it sounds, drains the energy from everyone's shields within its AOE.. haven't really gotten to try that one much...

I only used two vehicles, a Ghost (which felt exactly the same, though it looked way more detailed) and the new Mongoose, which is cool, very quick, no weapons, controls very similar to a Warthog. The new weapons: the Spiker, which is pretty cool, and can be dual wielded, has a blade beneath it (its a Brute weapon)... the Spike Grenades are very fun, they stick to anything, people, ceilings, vehicles, etc.. and fire a burst of spikes in a conical type shape, which can ricochet all over exploded in an enclosed area. And the Spartan Laser, which I have only been able to fire a few times... because you instantly become a target once they know you have it.. but its worth it. It fires a "tracer" beam that has lasts a few seconds before the laser fires in an impressive blast that destroys anything in its path.. All the weapons seem really balanced, and it seems as if you can do pretty good no matter what you pick up, instead of the usual race for the good stuff. And the returning Assault Rifle is a fantastic starting weapon...

There is an awesome new game feature (that is somewhat limited in the Beta, but will be fully integrated in the full game) where you can save films of all your matches to watch later. And Bungie is allowing space for everyone to store their films on their servers, so you can see just how terrible you did! Apparently in the full game you can send just snippets of games to people if you want them to see a cool explosion of kill, etc.. and its way easy to do. (after a game is over, in the lobby, there is a button that says hit this to save, and thats all there is to it...) Full details on that are here.

Anyway.. its much fun, even when I die all the time. Thats pretty much what I did in the last 2 versions of the game... right now I have 97 kills, and 145 deaths, lol. You can see my horrible game stats here.

Verdict? Halo is great. halo 3 will be awesome... gonna go play some more...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Halo 3 Multi-player Beta!!

Hellz Yeah! I will be playing tomorrow! woohoo! Details to come after I get some playtime in :)

Monday, May 07, 2007

Another WoW movie.. and other MMO news..

So... IF THIS RUMOR turns out to be true... I will no longer have to decide what the next MMO I play will be... it will be this one. LOTRO and WAR be damned!

I may have to go buy a cheap copy of the StarCraft: Battlechest and play through it again...just in case...

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Quick Update

Well.. I am still kind of in a turmoil here. I am gonna try my hardest to remain here in my current location. I have seen a couple ads for apartments which I am gonna call this week. Also I am gonna start the annoying process of getting my transportaion situation straightened out. Gonna schedule the physical this week.. and then see where that leads... I am still stressed, but more hopeful than I was. So we'll see how things turn out.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Good Weekend, Bad News

So, I had a very great weekend. Got together with some good friends, stayed up way late viewing the wonders of my friend Mike's new Home Theatre. It was truly a wondrous site... he spent the past 3 years of his life building it, and it was awe-inspiring. It was better than viewing a movie in a theatre.. way better. Also played some Warmachine/Hordes Friday night and Sunday. Very cool battles, I got to try out several of the new models I had been wanting to use, and as always, it was a blast. But more importantly, we started our iron Kingdoms campaign finally! The adventure went very well, the players got really into their characters, and the story ran for, oh, about 10 hours. =D Haven't had that much fun in a long time.

Then I get home... and my sister springs some new on me that literally left me shaken.. she says they are moving back home to western PA... as of June 15th.. which leaves me with nowhere to live, no transportation... and no where near enough money to get an apartment.. literally, it leaves me nowhere. She had automatically assumed that I would quit my job, and move back with them.. which isn't gonna happen. I finally have a job that I really like, working for some great people, I love the area, it's near a good friend... and I do not want to start over... again. So, I have no idea what the hell I am gonna do... probably get an apartment, hopefully within a reasonable walking distance to work, and be right back where I was before I left Ohio... so a great weekend turned into a massive amount of stress... of course the family here is all happy, and excited to be moving back to their house and home...and now I am a complete wreck...

Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter weekend

So Easter weekend has come and gone.. can't say it was any different than previous weekends. Still had to work Saturday, and Sunday was a typical Sunday except for the bigger than normal meal at the end of the day. oh.. and a tad bit of easter candy...mmm chocolate/peanut butter eggs...mmmmm.....

The remainder was spent getting caught up on some podcast listening while painting some miniatures. Finished my two Gorax models, and started on the Lord of the Feast. I am hoping to have the Lord and the Druids finished before this weekend.. but that's alot of painting... maybe I should stop typing blogs and do more painting...

I also spent a large portion of the weekend playing a new MMO... Lord of the Rings Online. I am not "fed up" with WoW... I played that a good bit Saturday night.. but I have just been interested in something different. So far I think it is pretty good, but not sure if it is different enough to warrant playing in full... I will play it throughout the Beta.. and see where I stand in a week or so... it certainly has a lot of potential...

Anyway.. its back to the grindstone... gotta finish up the IK adventure for this weekend too... hooray for role-playing once again!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Flight of the Shaman

So after much saving, selling, grinding, herb gathering, potion making, etc.. I finally saved up the cash to purcharse my flying mount. I chose the Blue Windrider, and now I soar above the desolation of Outland free from the strife of wandering mobs and walking.

Now its time to grind for some PVP weapons, or maybe some Reputation rewards.. Scryers anyone? But now actually.. my poor priest, who is still level 60, is crying out for some leveling...

Monday, March 26, 2007

Photos are up!

So, I have been expanding my ever-so-useful Google Account to now include Picassa Photo albums... a very cool tool that integrates very well with Blogger, GMail, and makes it very easy to upload/modify/share pictures. Lets you add captions and lets people leave comments on them. Highly recommended. (though if you have Blogger, you already know that..) :P

I have a public album of my Warmachine painted figs up there now, so you can take a look. Most were painted a year or so ago, and I do say I have gotten better since... Hopefully soon I will get a Hordes folder up there too as well as more Warmachine pics. (I gotta take the pictures first though...)

You can see it here.

Also have some really awesome Star Wars photographs up there as well, taken by Cedric Delvaux.

I'll be putting more photos up as I get around to it..

MTFBWY, till later.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

returning from the nether...

Hello everybody! (not that anyone actually reads this thing...but if you do, let me know)

So... I completely failed at keeping up with my New Year's post (see below) and have not updated anything! But, I am still here, and I do plan on keeping up with this more. I just need to find the right rhythm... and find some things to talk about. (which is always the problem with me... I guess I find my life too boring to talk about most of the time - not alot exciting happens to me here in Bally, ya' know?)

Things are going well. Work is as it has always been. We seem to be busier than we usually are, which makes the days go by faster. (and is , of course, good for the company...) I am still no where near where I need to be financially to get my own place.. but I am committed to moving in somewhere in the Fall. So that means not alot of spending... and alot of bill paying and saving. (neither of which I am good at) I will have to cut back on the Star Wars collectibles, I have some stuff pre-ordered... (stuff from SideShow and Gentle Giant) but I am gonna cut myself off after those. I will be grabbing up some more Hordes models, but I am almost finished with my army until the new expansion releases. So the rest of the cash will go to Mr. Credit Card and Mr. Bank Account and hopefully I will have enough by summer's end to make the move and purchase a vehicle.

GenCon throws another wrench... it costs money and comes at the end of the summer. But the trip is already partially paid-for; and I wouldn't miss GenCon for anything. This year's trip was a bit "up in the air" for a while. My dear friend Jason is currently living in Santiago, Chile. (The blog of his South American adventures can be found here) We were unsure if he would be able to make the trip, and much to our excitement, he will. Its also a blessing to us for without his organizational skills our trip would be a disaster =D And it will be good to see him again. We also have a 5th person joining us, a GenCon virgin, our pal Rob. (and my good WoW companion, Lokron).. not sure how that will impact the trip.. 2 cars? squeezing another into the hotel room?.. tricky things to plan out when you are trying to conserve money. But regardless, it will be a blast! (GenCon always is) The games, the atmosphere, the new stuff, and of course, the companionship, which is where the real fun of GenCon is found.

In local gaming news.. we will have our first Iron Kingdoms game next month.. I am very much looking forward to getting things rolling. This will be my first real time helming a 3rd Edition DnD game.. so here's hoping I don't let my players down, =/ I think it will be fun. I haven't been able to flex my role-playing muscles in a while, so I am ecstatic to get to play Dungeons and Dragons once again, even if it is infrequently. The story should be pretty cool. We have an interesting bunch of characters and hopefully my ideas will hold up and everyone will have fun. This campaign will feature the exploits of a Trollkin Fellcaller, a Nyss Scout, a Rynnish GunMage, and a Gobber Bodger (party roster subject to change at any time with out notice)

In WoW news.. Pondrepof the Orc Shaman has finally hit level 70! Yay! I have really enjoyed the new content in Outland, and the new spells are great.. the Earth/Fire Elemental Totems are very cool, and Bloodlust is the Bee's Knees. Now I am working on saving up the cash to get my flying mount, and then.. well... who knows. But 2 years later.. I am still having lots of fun with this game with no end in sight.

I also enjoy the wonders of the XBox 360 and the XBox Live Arcade. I love trying demos of the games, and have bought several.. including the fantastic Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, widely regarded as the best in the series. It is a blast, and a total recall to the 2D adventure days.. a great buy at only $10 (or 800 Microsoft Points) And I am still addicted to Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved... my pitiful high score of about 130,000 mocks me everyday... and adding to my saving money woes... we have a ton of top tier games on the horizon... Mass Effect, Shadowrun, Bioshock, Halo 3, Virtua Fighter 5,... and I know there are a few more...

So, life continues ever onward.. I find myself, even though I live with family, often feeling lonely. Maybe it's the lack of like-minded friends being readily available, and combine that with the lack of romantic companionship, can make one feel lonely even in a crowd. Well, it makes me feel lonely anyways.. that whole bit may have not even made sense.. did it? I find myself making concertive efforts to check the finger of attractive women who come into our store, since 99% of the most attractive of them are married. Actually most of the time they come in with little children clinging to them, so checking their fingers for rings isn't required. But its all for naught.. even if I did find a pretty girl without a ring, what the hell am I gonna say while I am working? (and work is only time I really have any interaction with people outside my family) I guess I could wait until they leave, look up their number in our database and call them later...
"Hi , you don't know me, but you came into our store today and I thought you were cute and seemed like a nice person, and thought maybe we could get together some time.. eh? We have your name, address, and phone number saved in our computer here at the store, so I just looked it up after you left earlier today.. wasn't that pro-active of me?" and at that point I would hear the *click*... LOL, talk about borderline stalker... yeah, that's not a good idea. I have at times, thought about joining one of those online dating sites, you know, the high profile ones like eHarmony.com or Match.com.. but crap, they cost like $100 for membership.. geezus... I'm not that desperate... am I?

Si, I spend my time dabbling in WoW, playing 360, doing some reading (currently reading Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman), painting miniatures, trying vainly to organize my Star Wars collection (I have a Google Spreadsheet underway that will eventually catalog my whole collection), and working on the IK adventures... so pretty much entirely geek stuff. In other words, just being myself. I also listen to a surprising amount of podcasts... everything from videogames (look no further than 1Up Yours and The 1Up Show), to anime, to Star Wars (SWAN), and back again... thoroughly enjoyable and great for when you are painting miniatures. :) And I have been watching a couple TV shows, the wonderful epic Rome on HBO, and what could very well be one of my favorite TV shows ever, BSG. However, this week is the season finale of BSG and there won't be any new episodes till 2008! G'ah! What a horrible long wait!... thankfully iTunes has Firefly on tap, which will be my next show... as well as anime! (yes, anime on iTunes!) They have several new anime shows which look pretty cool (Gunslinger Girl, Speed Grapher) , so I will be checking those out as well.

Well.. that's a good long post to get me going again... I still plan on trying to put some stuff up on my 1Up page and get back to the Star Wars blog too... I will keep ya posted.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Power Cosmic... hopefully...

Now, I am no comic book expert... I am usually pretty select in what comics I read, and frankly... most superhero comics don't interest me. But, I have always had a special place in my heart for Silver Surfer. Why? dunno.. he is just cool. When I heard he was getting the big blockbuster movie treatment by becoming the "villain" in the next Fantastic Four movie.. I was worried. And to be completely honest... I am still worried. Here is the newest trailer for Fantastic Four 2:Rise of the Silver Surfer.

My biggest problem... why didn't he just turn around and obliterate the Human Torch with the Power Cosmic? =D

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Obligatory New Years Post..

Haven't been around the ol' blog much. Sorry about that. But figured I start the new year off with the (everyone does one) New Year's Resolution Post! Woot! And in keeping with the intranets thing... number one is:
  • More blogging. More blogging on my various blogs, Star Wars, IGN, here of course, and the resurrection of my ol' 1-Up Blog. I will of course cross-link the various posts here. I think I made this resolution last year... so maybe this year my blogging will increase to an actual steady level..instead of the sporadic mess it is now :P Maybe one post here on Blogger per week, and one post in each of the others on a monthly basis.. that seems do-able...
  • Read More. There is a bunch of stuff I want to read and re-read. So I am going to try and set aside more time for just sitting and reading... I wanna read some stuff by Lisa Hearn, Naomi Novik, Robert Jordan, and re-read the Word/Void series by Terry Brooks and re-read The Sandman graphic novels...as well as keep up on my cu rent Terry Brooks and Neil Gaiman novels and stories... and let us hope George R.R. Martin's A Dance with Dragons will finally be released this year!
  • Paint. This is in both the artistic and geeky sense (though the two are not mutually exclusive...). I want to do a lot more miniature painting and try and get caught up on painting my armies. I have two currently and really want to start a new one (Legion of Everblight) but if I start a new army before I finish the others... I'm never gonna have fully painted armies like I want. I am also lacking a good number of units still... so I need to invest in that. -- and I would like to start doing some *real* painting as well. It has been a long time since I set up an easel and put some color on a surface. I think I may need to start back with the basics and do some drawing, start filling up a sketchbook or two...
  • Get Financial Matters in Order. Yeah, that's a boring one, but prolly the most important. Gonna get the debts paid off and start saving some cashola!
  • Get other stuff. Just gonna lump all these together... but I suppose they all (in addition to the one above) could be lumped under the heading "Get Life In Order" title... they involve procuring transportation, a significant other, a home.. and such.
  • Star Wars. Well, it doesn't seem like I am gonna make it to Celebration 4 in Los Angeles :( but I do plan on keeping up with the basic action figures.. but not go crazy.. spent a ton of money on Star Wars collecting last year.. need to tone it down a tad this year. I have some stuff pre-ordered but other than that.. I am sticking to basic action figures.
  • Play WoW. Seems like a no brainer. I said it before and I will say it again. The best testament to this game's quality is the simple fact that I have been playing it for 2 years. That's 2 years of playing the same game... there has never been a game like that before. The only ones that come close are Phantasy Star Online, which was extended mainly due to the game being continually re-released on new systems, and Street Fighter 2/Alpha3, which even in its new forms, are essentially the same game. (but that could be debated) The upcoming Burning Crusade Expansion will just add fuel to the fire... I can't wait. For The Horde!!
Well, I think that about does it. I'll keep you updated on my progress.. :P