Friday, May 15, 2009

Gaming tidbits...

Gaming wise... not a whole lot has been going on latAdd Imageely.  

GenCon event registration has come and gone for another year.   This year it went buttery smooth.. they upgrades they made to their servers was a vast improvement over previous years.  And now the anticipation for August can begin full swing.   This year we're playing in a team Warmachine tournament, True Dungeon, BSG Board Game,  Infinity Tourney (some of us), and I am running our first game in the new 4e world I am writing.  We are also going to see Plan Nine From Outer Space with Riff Trax. (Riff Trax = Mystery Science Theater guys).  August!  Why must ye be so far away!

In other news.. the cover artwork for the Retribution of Scryah book (new Warmachine faction) was revealed today.  Giveing our first ever look at the elves from the Iron Kingdoms...

I can't wait to blow some cash on these guys at GenCon.  :)