Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Obligatory New Years Post..

Haven't been around the ol' blog much. Sorry about that. But figured I start the new year off with the (everyone does one) New Year's Resolution Post! Woot! And in keeping with the intranets thing... number one is:
  • More blogging. More blogging on my various blogs, Star Wars, IGN, here of course, and the resurrection of my ol' 1-Up Blog. I will of course cross-link the various posts here. I think I made this resolution last year... so maybe this year my blogging will increase to an actual steady level..instead of the sporadic mess it is now :P Maybe one post here on Blogger per week, and one post in each of the others on a monthly basis.. that seems do-able...
  • Read More. There is a bunch of stuff I want to read and re-read. So I am going to try and set aside more time for just sitting and reading... I wanna read some stuff by Lisa Hearn, Naomi Novik, Robert Jordan, and re-read the Word/Void series by Terry Brooks and re-read The Sandman graphic well as keep up on my cu rent Terry Brooks and Neil Gaiman novels and stories... and let us hope George R.R. Martin's A Dance with Dragons will finally be released this year!
  • Paint. This is in both the artistic and geeky sense (though the two are not mutually exclusive...). I want to do a lot more miniature painting and try and get caught up on painting my armies. I have two currently and really want to start a new one (Legion of Everblight) but if I start a new army before I finish the others... I'm never gonna have fully painted armies like I want. I am also lacking a good number of units still... so I need to invest in that. -- and I would like to start doing some *real* painting as well. It has been a long time since I set up an easel and put some color on a surface. I think I may need to start back with the basics and do some drawing, start filling up a sketchbook or two...
  • Get Financial Matters in Order. Yeah, that's a boring one, but prolly the most important. Gonna get the debts paid off and start saving some cashola!
  • Get other stuff. Just gonna lump all these together... but I suppose they all (in addition to the one above) could be lumped under the heading "Get Life In Order" title... they involve procuring transportation, a significant other, a home.. and such.
  • Star Wars. Well, it doesn't seem like I am gonna make it to Celebration 4 in Los Angeles :( but I do plan on keeping up with the basic action figures.. but not go crazy.. spent a ton of money on Star Wars collecting last year.. need to tone it down a tad this year. I have some stuff pre-ordered but other than that.. I am sticking to basic action figures.
  • Play WoW. Seems like a no brainer. I said it before and I will say it again. The best testament to this game's quality is the simple fact that I have been playing it for 2 years. That's 2 years of playing the same game... there has never been a game like that before. The only ones that come close are Phantasy Star Online, which was extended mainly due to the game being continually re-released on new systems, and Street Fighter 2/Alpha3, which even in its new forms, are essentially the same game. (but that could be debated) The upcoming Burning Crusade Expansion will just add fuel to the fire... I can't wait. For The Horde!!
Well, I think that about does it. I'll keep you updated on my progress.. :P


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