Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Random Life Update!

Well.. life continues onward.. not stopping to ever let someone catch up and make some blog posts.. but here I am valiantly trying to keep up and catalog the happening of my life in digital text form.. probably unlikely to succeed, but I will have fun trying... I think...

So.. to get you all caught up.. over the summer I went home for about a month... I was living here in eastern PA with my sister, who then suddenly decided to move back home.. leaving me
kinda stuck. So I went home, got my learner's permit, learned to drive, bought a car, got my License, and (the same day I passed my drivers test) drove across the state of PA (well, kinda from the midway point) (did all that in about 4 weeks) - and now returned here to Eastern PA.. where I like it very much. I share a house with two other gents.. one and Accountant, the other a Park Ranger. They are nice guys, and one is very into video games like me (the accountant).. and we have a Two-360 household for it.

Work goes along fine.. we have been very busy... which is good for us... and we have the big store remodeling project in the next two weeks.. and it will be sooo nice to have the added room and work-flow problems fixed. And the additional computer for getting design work done... I am nearing my 2 year anniversary... which is crazy... seems like it wasn't that long ago I ws in Ohio playing DnD and working at a shitty Kinkos job... things have had their rocky spots out here (still trying to get my finances straightened out) but overall... it was the right move to make.

Have been playing alot more 360 and alot less WoW of late... I still enjoy WoW, but as of late the 360 has had the superior experiences.. Bioshock was amazing... and Halo 3 is a blast. (not to mention "the game" which comes out next month, hoorah!) Also looking forward to some awesome fighting action in Virtua Fighter 5, later this month...

We have a gaming weekend coming up, so I will have to buckle down and finish up my adventure for our IK group.. we play so little, and the gaps between our sessions makes it hard to keep a good focus on the characters.. but we still have a blast when we play. (which is whats really important...)

I am anxiously awaiting the TV return of BSG.. and November is the month (partly) There is a two-hour "movie" airing then called Razor (which will be frakkin awesome).. and then after that the looong wait until 2008 begins again for the final season (Season 4).. best damn show on TV...
I don't watch much else.. other than some Enterprise re-runs on sci-fi, Pain Killer Jane wasn't bad either... and Ninja Warrior on G4 is hilarious! I also watch Attack of the Show from time to time.. but only because I think Olivia Mun is great eye candy...(especially when wearing a Star Wars costume)

I do want to start blogging in my Star Wars blog again.. but thinking up a good post..is difficult... but I do miss that community.... some really smart and very cool people dwell there... and unlike here, people will actually read the blog, lol.

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