Monday, March 26, 2007

Photos are up!

So, I have been expanding my ever-so-useful Google Account to now include Picassa Photo albums... a very cool tool that integrates very well with Blogger, GMail, and makes it very easy to upload/modify/share pictures. Lets you add captions and lets people leave comments on them. Highly recommended. (though if you have Blogger, you already know that..) :P

I have a public album of my Warmachine painted figs up there now, so you can take a look. Most were painted a year or so ago, and I do say I have gotten better since... Hopefully soon I will get a Hordes folder up there too as well as more Warmachine pics. (I gotta take the pictures first though...)

You can see it here.

Also have some really awesome Star Wars photographs up there as well, taken by Cedric Delvaux.

I'll be putting more photos up as I get around to it..

MTFBWY, till later.

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