Friday, December 04, 2009

The Japanese... know I love em'....

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

lets see...

... whats new these days. Not too much actually.

Had an enjoyable Thanksgiving vacation (despite the 12 + hours of driving it entailed). Stayed with my sister and her family this time. Arrived late Wednesday night. The rest of the family came over for Turkey Day and we had a nice visit. My nieces are 100% teenage girls, but they are so much fun. Friday was a lazy day of relaxing. Just watched movies and played Wii with my niece all day (and ate lots of leftovers). Saturday I drove to Central PA to visit some family there. Got to see my grandmother, which was nice, I see her very rarely and she is the only grandparent I have left. Then that night some of my other friends that were in town (I was staying with Dave, my cousin and life-long friend and gaming buddy) so we got together for some war-gaming. The Hordes MkII rules were just released last week and we were anxious to try them out. Had some good games, and just a great time hanging out.

Despite having my Xbox back and working after the R.R.O.D. (actually they sent me a replacement xbox) I still haven't gotten back into Dragon Age. It just requires a large time investment and the time has been escaping me. I did get to play a little ODST (it actually works on the replacement xbox, yay!) and its easily the best of the Halo series. I borrowed it, and am looking forward to finishing it up.

I went to see Amanda Palmer in concert the week before the holiday. It was in a little club called the TLA (Theatre of Living Arts) on South Street. Went down to meet my friend Jason, then we took the subway over to South Street. neither of us had seen Amanda Palmer live before, and neither of us have ever been to this venue. It was quite small. The was maybe 300 people there, not crowded at all. The opening act was a band called Nervous Cabaret, and they actually came back on later and served as Amanda's back-up band. They were pretty good by themselves, and were really good as her band. Amanda was awesome, she really puts ona good show. She even did a "Ask Amanda" segment where she took questions from the crowd. She also gave away 20+ tickets to followers of her Twitter account. She was a great live performer, she even showed up in the balcony for her encore, playing the ukulele and singing right there with the audience. The below picture was taken with her and the band right after the show in Philly. If you have a chance to see her perform, don't pass it up.

There are also lots of YouTube videos of the concert... here's a couple good ones (including an awesome cover of the Ting Tings):