Friday, September 07, 2007


Yes, I still play WoW. Added a link/widget to my toon's info at the bottom of the blog, scroll all the way down (use the slider on the right), the widget wouldn't fit on the side, unfortunately.. so it had to go to the bottom. (at least until I find a better place, or a better widget...)


lokipan said...

I had to give up on WoW. I was having huge connectivity issues with the servers and the kind folks at Blizzard couldnt help (not for lack of trying, they did everything they could. And with Halo 3, Manhunt 2 etc coming out on 360, my spare time (as little as I have) will be spend on Live.

Pondrepof said...

Be sure to put Virtual Fighter 5 on your list.. has online play!

I don't do much in WoW... I guess I would be considered a "casual" player.. I mainly just grind Rep, run AV for Honor, or work on Alchemy. Maybe level an alt or two.. its still a good time.