Friday, November 10, 2006

Very Funny Penny Arcade Comic

This site has a slew of great comics...and their blog is also very enjoyable to read. They have some really interesting (and funny) insight into the games industry.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Lots of Ditty Bop-ed-ness!!

The Ditty Bops! One of my favorite bands! Thanks to YouTube you can check out some videos! Woot! I had never seen any of their videos before.. and thought to myself "Hmmm, I wonder if there are any of their videos on YouTube?" What a silly question! Everything is on YouTube... Turns out The Ditty Bops have some really cool vidoes.. see for yourself!

Once there were two... now there is one.

I now condensed everything so that I only have one blog. The other one is now extinct. Mainly I was running two so one could separate my geeky posts from the "real" ones.. but then again... I don't separate those things in my non-online life, so why should I do that here? My geekiness pervades all! There is no escaping it!

I copied (and cleaned up, and added to) a couple of my posts from the other blog and put them up in this one. They are marked as "refurbished". Gonna do some work on my Links list, and also add some Book and Music lists up there too. Mainly it'll be a list of my current favorites...

EDIT - Added some links to several of my favorite online comics! Check out Order of the Stick (D20 based comic), 8-Bit Theatre (Final Fantasy based comic), Penny Arcade (general geek/gamer comic), and - of course - Homestar Runner, home of Strong Bad Email!

EDIT - Added a list of books and music to the sidebar!

Still working on getting a solid color scheme that I like... I think I have almost got it... any thoughts? Any colors you don't like? Let me know...

And for those who haven't seen this yet... check out this awesome video! (thanks to Phil B. for pointing this out to me originally!) Weird Al + World of Warcraft = Hilarity!

Work Shmerk! Thats what I always say... (refurbished)

October 18th was my one year anniversary at my current job. It kind of snuck up on me to tell the truth... and I find it difficult to believe that it has been a year since I left Columbus, Ohio. It has been a decent year... not a whole lot of excitement.. alot of settling in, alot of adjustment... a lot of Star Wars collecting..(its been awhile since I've been able to wantonly spend on my collection without having to worry about the financial repurcussions...)

I enjoy my job. It is in the same industry as FedEx Kinko's, but a much smaller and more personal environment. No corporate propaganda or bull shit. I get to do alot of design work, which I actually enjoy, and it has allowed me to learn quite a bit... My boss, Lee, is a really nice guy, and is very easy to work with/get along with. He reminds me alot of one of our old managers at Kinko's, Jermaine Washington. Very polite, very sensible... My one-year anniversary culminated in a raise, and the addition of Health Insurance! Yay! You know you're old when you get excited for insurance...

I don't really have any exciting plans for this next year.. I would like to get my own place, maybe this Spring.. hopefully I will be out of debt by then. If my plans go as , he-he, as I plan... then I should be... I will more than likely still be working for Lee, though he has lots of grandiose plans for his business, so I may be doing something different. He has talked of getting an actual printing press, which would be awesome to learn how to use. The full-on publishing world is far different from the quick-print industry... I had at one time considered the possibility of venturing into the world of Book Design as a major in school.. but it never happened. I should have focused myself more and just tried for a Graphic Design degree somewhere (considering that is what I do now, and I'd be much better at it if I knew what the heck I was doing instead of just fumbling my way through)however, that didn't happen. I was way more of a dreamer in college than a realist. So a Fine Art degree is what I got, and I am proud of it. I will never regret my choice of education and my years at Juniata College. I spent much of my time there learning about myself, and obsessing over girls who wanted nothing to do with me... than I ever did learning a "trade". I loved those four years of my life, and man do I miss them...I am working on getting the rest of my life to the same point.. to the point where I am truly enjoying myself at... well, just being me. It is a hard thing to do sometimes... wow.. talk about a tangent...

Home Movies (refurbished)

Beware the mighty Septopus
He's a crazy guy
He lives on top of the submarine
He's always eating pies
Septopus - Septopus - Septopus
-Fenton Mewly

It was a very sad and strangley moving thing to watch the final season of Home Movies... I really loved that show, and for the longest time I thought there was only three seasons. Then I discovered the 4th season, and I rejoiced in the numerous new episodes I could watch! The whole time you could tell they were making their final season.. they pulled out all the stops, went for the throat in every episode. The "pecks" episode.. the Bye Bye Greasy episode.. the summer camp episode featuring They Might Be Giants... all really great stuff. But that final episode I thought was really quite poignant... it really made me stop and think about this funny little show and how much I will miss not seeing any new episodes... at least I can be glad I own them all on DVD and enjoy the adventures of Brendan Small and his friends whenever I want. :) I will miss Walter and Perry, Fenton Mewly, and Coach McGuirk (not to forget Mr. Lunch, Erik, Junior, Paula, Jason, Shannon, Duane and all the other great characters that populated the show). Oh well... at least I still have the Simpsons...though their later years have not been good to them...thank god for DVD.

Here is the final scene.... *sniff sniff*