Tuesday, August 21, 2007

GenCon 2007!


EDIT 2: Added Link to the True Dungeon Reveal! Check out the story of the cool dungeon we went through! :)

Actual shot from the streets of Indianapolis! What a cool town :)

So another GenCon has come and gone. Much fun was had by all. It was a great Con, as it always is.. lots of new stuff to buy, lots of babes to gawk at, lots of games to play, and lots of time with my good friends... a perfect weekend.

So what went down at GenCon? well lets start with Role-Playing...

The bigs RPG news was of course 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons from Wizards of the Coast. Releasing in May 2008. I didn't actually attend the "unveiling event" I was busy playing other things (see below).. but you can watch the entire event on You Tube.. so its all good. Speaking of which, heres some of those vidoes now.. (don'tcha love the internet?)





So my opinion on this whole thing keeps changing... my first impression is What the Hell?? D20 has been going strong for years now, there is TONS of OGL content out there, and WotC itself has a bazillion books out there.. why re-do it all? After watching the vids.. I can see some of their reasoning.. and I am intrugued. I would like to go on.. but this is a overall GenCon post, not a 4th Edition DnD post.. catch me in the comments or in e-mail and we can talk specifically about it. One thing I will say that I am looking forward to with the 4E release are the online tools.. all I have to say is... Its about Fucking Time Wizards got their Heads out of the Archaic Asses! Online character builders? Online encounter builders? Online DnD playing (for those that live far apart)?.. Yes Please!

Other RPG type stuff.. we continued our yearly transformer game, ran by my friend/cousin Dave.. this time it had a twist where we were playing the bad guys. (I played a particularly evil Insecticon named, Mindswipe) It was great game, and much fun, as it always is. Dave runs a great game, and his love for Transformers shows through in his role-playing.

We also tried a new game I had been wanting to try for a while now. Its a large group RPG with alot of humor called Kobolds Ate My Baby...it was a blast.. you play little kobolds who are trying to ..well.. eat babies. You are not smart, and you die alot, usually in horrible ways. :) It is fun. Worth checking out.

How about Miniatures? well.. it was all about Hordes:Evolution.

Which is an amazing expansion to the already awesome miniatures game from Privateer Press. Their products get exponentially better year by year.. and this is no exception. The new models are awesome, and thier artists/sculptors never disappoint... the new Warpwolf Extreme Model is gorgeous... here are few pics I grabbed with my phone...

We also played a mini-campaign that we wrote that involved around the discovery and capture of an Arcane Mechanic and his rampaging warjacks. We didn't actually make it to the end of it.. (we did need to sleep ya know) .. but we had some awesome battles. A notable one was the battle betwixt myself playing Morvahna the Autumnblade (Circle Orboros) vs. my pal Rob playing Vlad (Khador).. it was a brutal battle that came down to warcaster vs. warlock.. the way all battles should end...

We also sampled a new board game.. the new StarCraft Board game from Fantasy Flight Games. Its was really awesome.. this is a game kinda of in the vein of Arkham Horror.. big, complex, and way fun to play.

Saw some cool WoW footage in the exhibit hall, they were running some of Wrath of the Lich King, which looks perty cool.. and Star Craft 2 was up and running.. and it looked amazing!

And it would not be GenCon without the ever evolving and always cool True Dungeon. This one had some cool puzzles.. and some very difficult puzzles... and we slayed a Shambling Mound, a Medusa (good thing we had all those scrolls of Stone to Flesh) and for the first time in our GenCon careers.. WE SURVIVED! Here is the story of the Dungeon we went through! The puzzles were paticularly devious this year! =D

and of course.. the babes make GenCon what it is... heres some pics!

So the chick above is carving SPAM.. yes SPAM... but more importantly that is DuctTape Girl.. she goes to GenCon every year and always wears home-made and revealing costumes each year. We alwats speculate as to what she will wear each given year.. and seeing her fine costumed form each year is a grand thing. More pics below... the Master Chief himself.. and me and my buds hanging out in the WotC area...

Life Size DnD Troll

The miniature that wouldn't fall over! Must be an act of Menoth!

And one last pic of Mike (Moron) standing on the streets of Indy, taking in the Public Art.. 5 Guys Waiting...


lokipan said...

Very nice! Im jealous. Hopefully I have things together and can come to Gen Con next year.

Pondrepof said...

GenCon was a blast.. being such an avid gamer yourself.. I find it odd you seem to miss it every year.. get your act together! :)

lokipan said...

hey, how do i add my Gamercard to my blog?