Friday, January 16, 2009


There they are... all the characters in Street Fighter 4.  I can't wait!  Its almost here!  I pre-ordered my Collector's Edition, and I even ordered one fo the new Madcatz brand Street Fighter Game pads.. basically, imagine the 360 controller.. take away the two analog sticks, and move the trigger buttons to the face of the controller.  So basically, a 6 button controller.  And replace the awful D-pad on the 360, with a much much better one... and you have a controller perfect for Street Fighter 4 (also great for Street Fighter Turbo HD Remix) Actually, heres a picture...(yup, its got Chun Li on it.  I think they make Ryu, Ken, and Akuma ones too.)

And in related news.. in case you haven't seen it... here's the trailer for Street Fighter : The Legend of Chun Li... I am required to go see it. (since its a Chun-Li movie) but man.. I don't want to.   You know... for a movie called "The Legend of Chun Li" this trailer shows surprisingly little footage of Chun Li.. what does that tell you?

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lokipan said...

I think you just sold me on that controller. I hadn't actually seen it before but I am definately buying it now.

As far as the Chun Li movie...i kinda wish Street Fighter would not bother with the live-action movie idea. Given what the fighters can do in the game I think Anime is the best film interpretation imo