Monday, January 12, 2009

final issue

Well, there it is.  The cover to the next issue of EGM.  The cover to the issue that will never be printed.  They will be putting it online to read on 1up, since the issue was already finished when they closed down the mag... but you won''t be getting it in your mailbox, nor finding it at the newstands... Looks like it would have been a good issue.   :)

But, like all talented people who are cast off by big corporations... they land on their feet.  And good news has sprung up already... there are already THREE podcasts in the works by ex-1up folk.

Rebel FM - first episode is available already

Geekbox Radio - Starts this week.

Yet un-named Show - Made by the awesome guys who did the 1up Show.  The 1up Show was awesome and one of my favorite TV shows (even though it wasn't on TV), and I am greatly looking forward to what these guys come up with without "the Man" holding them down.

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