Thursday, November 09, 2006

Home Movies (refurbished)

Beware the mighty Septopus
He's a crazy guy
He lives on top of the submarine
He's always eating pies
Septopus - Septopus - Septopus
-Fenton Mewly

It was a very sad and strangley moving thing to watch the final season of Home Movies... I really loved that show, and for the longest time I thought there was only three seasons. Then I discovered the 4th season, and I rejoiced in the numerous new episodes I could watch! The whole time you could tell they were making their final season.. they pulled out all the stops, went for the throat in every episode. The "pecks" episode.. the Bye Bye Greasy episode.. the summer camp episode featuring They Might Be Giants... all really great stuff. But that final episode I thought was really quite poignant... it really made me stop and think about this funny little show and how much I will miss not seeing any new episodes... at least I can be glad I own them all on DVD and enjoy the adventures of Brendan Small and his friends whenever I want. :) I will miss Walter and Perry, Fenton Mewly, and Coach McGuirk (not to forget Mr. Lunch, Erik, Junior, Paula, Jason, Shannon, Duane and all the other great characters that populated the show). Oh well... at least I still have the Simpsons...though their later years have not been good to them...thank god for DVD.

Here is the final scene.... *sniff sniff*

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