Thursday, November 09, 2006

Once there were two... now there is one.

I now condensed everything so that I only have one blog. The other one is now extinct. Mainly I was running two so one could separate my geeky posts from the "real" ones.. but then again... I don't separate those things in my non-online life, so why should I do that here? My geekiness pervades all! There is no escaping it!

I copied (and cleaned up, and added to) a couple of my posts from the other blog and put them up in this one. They are marked as "refurbished". Gonna do some work on my Links list, and also add some Book and Music lists up there too. Mainly it'll be a list of my current favorites...

EDIT - Added some links to several of my favorite online comics! Check out Order of the Stick (D20 based comic), 8-Bit Theatre (Final Fantasy based comic), Penny Arcade (general geek/gamer comic), and - of course - Homestar Runner, home of Strong Bad Email!

EDIT - Added a list of books and music to the sidebar!

Still working on getting a solid color scheme that I like... I think I have almost got it... any thoughts? Any colors you don't like? Let me know...

And for those who haven't seen this yet... check out this awesome video! (thanks to Phil B. for pointing this out to me originally!) Weird Al + World of Warcraft = Hilarity!

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lokipan said...

That is so fucking funny! Ha!