Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Street Fighter News

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Official Street Fighter 4 Box art has been revealed.. and yup.  Its my girl on the front :) As if there were any other important characters...  Ryu is on the cover of the European edition... guess those Euros don't like women...

In other news.. An articly posted at today reveals a new character appearing in our beloved game...

Sheng Long Actually in Street Fighter 4

The April Fools' joke that wouldn't end finally comes true.

By Kevin Gifford, 09/24/2008
The oldest and most infamous April Fools' joke in video games is finally, honestly true. This week's issue ofWeekly Famitsu magazine reports that Sheng Long, the master of Ryu and Ken who's known as Gouken in Japan, is now available in the arcade version of Street Fighter IV as a playable character.

This marks the first time ever that Sheng Long, whose origins lie in a mistranslation way back in the original Street Fighter II, has been a playable character. Electronic Gaming Monthly published a hoax story in 1992 about how to fight against Ryu and Ken's sensei in the game, and the story's somehow remained in the minds of gamers ever since. Capcom's only too happy to make the hoax come true, though, it seems -- Sheng Long/Gouken was thought killed by Akuma long ago, but now he's back in SFIV, complete with a "forbidden" Shoryuken and a repertoire of dangerous assassin moves.

How's he play, then? You can find out at your local arcade right now -- assuming you're in Japan, anyway.


lokipan said...

Thats funny. So will he have all of Ken and Ryu's moves?

Pondrepof said...

dunno.. it says he has a "forbidden" fireball and a bunch of "assassin" moves.. ?