Thursday, September 25, 2008

Street Fighter 4 footage!

So, the word on the street (by street, I mean, Internet) is that is you want to be a real street fighter... ya gotta go the Korea.  And more specifically, you go to an arcade called the Jungin Arcade.  The have Street Fighter 4 running there all the time, and they even stream the battles live on the Internet.  These Koreans are crazy about their video games... just don't get them started on StarCraft...  Anyways.. this piece below is  from one of those streams.. and it gives you a cool view of the game in action... it looks awesome.  You can scope a cool video of game play footage at Capcom's official Street Fighter web page as well.  Also... Akuma is in the game.  So that brings the current character count up to 14.  The 8 original World Warriors (including the 4 original bosses), the 4 new characters (Abel, Rufus, Crimson Viper, and El Fuerte) and now Akuma and Sheng Long.  All we need now are the 4 characters from Super Street Fighter II: The New Challenger/Champion Edition (T. Hawk, DeeJay, Fei-Long, and Cammy) and we'll be set!  (still no word on those last four...)  Personally there are some other characters I wouldn't mind seeing included from the Alpha games...  maybe Sakura? Gen?  and Dan was always fun... There's also Street Fighter 3, which had interesting characters, like Ingrid, Ibuki, and Necro... there is a definite shortage of female characters (Crimson Viper is kinda lame)... so it seems like that would influence their decision some... but who knows what those Japanese are thinking.

In other non-4 related news... there is still no release date for Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
it has been in development for ages...though Capcom has stated it will release in 2008. Lets hope that's true.


lokipan said...

We finally get Mega Man 9 in a week tho!

Chaosturtle said...

Gen rocked. but yeah, mega man soon.. god i cant wait.