Wednesday, September 27, 2006

WOW! I am still playing WoW!

It is certainly a testament to this game's quality that I am still playing it after 18 months later with no signs of stopping. I am not one of those "hard core raiders" you hear about with a guild of 500 people who run the same dungeon 8 times a week... I think I still fall into the casual gamer role... I am in a small guild that I started with a friend, and we mainly get online to run quests and hang out.
My first character Pondrepof is at the ripe level of 60, and my priest is at level 56. I play them both about equally nowadays... as both provide a very different play style, thus always giving me something interesting to do. And even after all this time playing, there are still places not yet explored. Add to that the expansion hanging on the horizon, and I can conceivably foresee myself playing this game for a very long time to come...
I have been wanting to get back into console gaming, and may be investing into an XBox 360 fairly soon. I am really excited for Phantasy Star Universe, Gears of War and the just announced Halo Wars. ...we'll see what happens.

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