Saturday, September 30, 2006

Iron Kingdoms 1

So I am starting to work on a campaign I will be running for a my gaming group. Our usual DM is moving away and I was selected to take the helm. We opted to start a brand new campaign set in the fabulous Iron Kingdoms. It has been a very long time since I have run anything serious (beyond just one-shot adventures at GenCon) so I am a bit nervous actually... I want this to be a really deep and complex story.. very detailed and very epic (doesn't every DM want that from their adventures?) I want that Fellowship of the Ring feel, a great journey away from their homes, that common man versus in-surmountable odds kind of feel...

My initial idea is a collection quest of sorts... they would start with a simple adventure, where in one of the random monsters would have a page from a old book... then throughout other stories they would find out this "page" was part of a larger and most evil spell book from lost age (the Orgoth age, for those who know the setting well) And it turns out many are seeking this book... The collection aspect allows me to take them to lots of different parts of the world, and keep them travelling. I don't have a lot of ideas beyond that for now... but I am working on it.

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