Friday, November 13, 2009

some things this week

Well, its been a quiet week here. I was totally enthralled by Dragon Age : Origins. Its a fantastic game, and lives up to the pedigree that precedes it. Let me explain it this way...The only thing better than KOTOR was Mass Effect. The only thing better than Mass Effect is Dragon Age. Which leads us to infer.. the only thing thats going to be better than Dragon Age is Mass Effect 2. So, in summation, Dragon Age has made me more excited for Mass Effect 2 than I was before. Bioware is awesome.

That being said... Monday evening, as I prepared to continue my journeys in Dragon Age.. my 360 gave me the Red Rings of Death. So now my console is in Texas being repaired. Hopefully it'll return next week and I can continue to protect the world from the foul Darkspawn. In the meantime.. I am going to get a bunch of painting done... and get some work done on Earthynn. I bought Campaign Cartographer 3, and have been fiddling around with it. Its a complex program, but not unusable. My biggest hurdle is getting used to the very non-Windows control scheme. The tools it provides are very cool though, and I cant wait to get my map done. I also need to finish up prep work for our next adventure.

On the plus side... I contacted Xbox Support and they said they will ensure that all the problems with my console are fixed. So the problem with Halo 3:ODST that I (and many others) have been having may finally be rectified. So at least I can kill two birds with one stone. Also, I will say that Microsoft made it really easy to get a repair done on my console. I have had it for 3 years with no problems, and its still under warranty. So after three years of use, I can still get it repaired and shipped back for free. They certainly had some issues with their hardware, but at least they do a good job of taking care of it.


Dalanor DeMyse said...

Man....that has to suck. I feel the itch to play dragon age while im at work...the game is amazing. I actually really enjoy the origin stories, and love the amount of detail in the game. I have run into only one issue thus far and that is with the dlc itself....the dlc that contains soldiers keep wont let me enter a door in the keep im gonna redownload it.....see if that fixes it. Still haven't played ODST yet, mainly due to the issues everyone has had with the game....but i will soon....and as for Mass Effect 2, thats my most anticipated game for the year.....hopefully, it lives up to the hype. from what I've seen, it looks spectacular.

On another note, I look forward to your next summary of your 4e campaign session.

Pondrepof said...

Yeah, it sucks royally. They emailed me Friday saying they completed the repair and now traveling back to me. hopefully it'll be here Tuesday-Wednesday.. and hopefully it works.

The little bit of ODST I could play was great.. makes it all the more annoying that I couldn't play the rest of it.

Never got a chance to try the Soldier's Keep dlc... I did get Shale though, he is pretty cool.

Sadly, it will probably be awhile before we play Earthyyn again, complex schedules and distance make it difficult to get our group together.