Saturday, September 26, 2009

some quick musings...

Wow.. amazing eh? Two blog posts in two days.. and no YouTube videos in sight! (though if you haven't watched the cat one I have a few posts down, go do that now)

I am glad that Fall is here... though sometimes I feel like I missed summer. I spend a great deal of my time indoors in air conditioning that the summer sun never really makes itself known. But I miss the days of sitting or walking in the sun, its just not as fun anymore when you have no one to walk in the sun with. So, I stay indoors. But Fall weather is always enjoyable... "sweatshirt weather"...

The other good thing about Fall is the return of regular TV shows.. heh. (yeah, I know, I have silly priorities...) With Torchwood and BSG done for good, and David Tennant's Dr. Who done as well, I need shows to fill the void. The first episode of Dollhouse was this weekend, and I enjoyed it much. And in a couple weeks the new episodes of Clone Wars start... new Myth Busters and Legend of the Seeker soon also... So, regular good programming is on the horizon! I started watching True Blood by way of DVD (Netflix) and its quite good. I think Rome was a better HBO series... and Game of Thrones is gonna be amazing... (pilot episode starts filming next month). They also have revealed the Star Wars live action show will be on air as of 2012. Seems so far away... but I hope they take all the time they need to make it good.

Have a couple friends coming over tomorrow to play some wargames.. gonna play Infinity and try out the new MkII rules for Warmachine... looking forward to it. As of this post Halo ODST is still not working... driving me a but nutty really. Bungie has said in their forums that they are working on it... but a solution does not seem to be coming quickly... maybe I will get some Asassins Creed play time in after all.

I need to read more.. the new Landover novel is out. I will have it on my Christmas list.. my mom always buys me the latest Terry Brooks novel for Christmas each year. But my book back-log is pretty long right now... I need a book club or something to make me get my reading done... heh... I do greatly enjoy reading, but with so much other media competing for my time I find it hard to get much reading done. Once I get started in a good book though, I find it hard to put it down... its just getting started that is hard for me anymore.

If it wasn't for my geeky hobbies... I'd be lost.

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