Monday, August 10, 2009

Pre-GenCon - the calm before the storm

Well, Tomorrow evening I depart for GenCon, will be staying the night in central PA, and then our group will depart for Indianpolis Wednesday morning. We'll make our annual stop off in Columbus, Ohio to visit with my friend jason's sister (who has lived there many years) and eat Hound Dog's Pizza (Pizza for the People!) Sooo.. for the fourth time since I left Columbus, I will be there and availble for a quick visit if anyone wants to show up...considering no one ever showed up the past three years!... buncha jerks :) Anyway.. we are usually there between 5-7. After the pizza, we head out and usually get to Indianapolis sometime around 10 PM. After that its mainly, check in time and relax a bit.. sometimes we have walked over to the convention center.. opens up Wednesday night sometimes for some early gaming..

This year I am prepared.. I have actually made a little list of stuff I want to investigate/demo/try-out/explore while I am here.... not necessarily purchase... but there are numerous things I'd like to learn about. (of course, I'll buy some things.. it is GenCon after-all.)

Here's my list (in no particular order): (some of these companies/things might not even be at the Con... but if they are gonna be anywhere.. GenCon would be it.)

Dark Platypus Studios - they make tokens and battle-mats, and cheap 3D dungeon walls. I have read some cool things about their stuff... their battle mats are magnetic...

Ninja Magic - They are making (may be finished, don't know) a game called "With Hostile Intent" which is a tabletop war game with space ships. Heard good things... interested to see what the models look like and how it plays.

Wells Expiditions - Arcane Legions. This is a new game hitting the wargaming scene... there is a lot of buzz around it. The preliminary info did not impress me, but gonna check it out in person.

Spartan Games - Uncharted Seas. Fantasy naval war game.. resin and metal models that look cool.. wanna see how it plays..

Rio Grand Games - Dominion. This is a card game (and also a board game I think) Again.. heard good things... supposed to be pretty awesome... and not a money sink-hole like most card games.

Dwarven Forge - oh my... I have drooled over this amazing dungeon terrain every year I have went to the Con... this may be the year that I actually buy some... maybe...

Otherworld Miniatures - They make really cool miniatures based on the classic versions of D&D monsters.. pig-nosed orcs, dog-faced kobolds, and really awesome gelationous cubes!

Campaign Cartographer - Earthynn needs maps... this could be the program I need to make them..

Privateer Press - no brainer, the Retribution of Scryah book comes out... and they are also supposed to be making a big announcement on Friday. The announcement revolves around Warmachine, and they said there are "special guests"... the current rumors are: novels? videogame?

Infnity - Second Edition of the core rulebook is out.. and I want to pick up a few new models.

Other than "the list"... we are playing in a 2-man Warmachine Team Tournament. Heading back into the True Dungeon (cannot wait!)... trying out the Battlestar Galactica Board Game (supposed to be awesome)... going to the movies to see District 9... going to watch the RiffTrax version of Plan 9 From Outer Space... and we are going to start our Earthynn campaign! (finally my little world will come alive!)... oh, and I will probably buy some new dice...

See ya at the Con!

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Chaosturtle said...

I'll try and chat you up online next time i see you. Hope you had fun man!!