Friday, July 24, 2009

D&D 4e Question?

Asked this question in Twitter and got mixed answers. A question mainly about bonuses to damage when using a power.

Here's the deal... Lets say I am playing a Fighter and I have a Power that says I roll 1[W] + STR for Damage. This Power uses a weapon and has the Weapon Keyword in it. I understand the [W] is the weapon dice... that's not the issue. The issue is the STR. Is the STR added twice to the Damage? Once because its a melee weapon (and melee weapons use STR for hit/dmg) and again because its say to add it in the Power? What other bonues are applied to the roll? Proficiency? Feat bonuses? Untyped? Enhancement Bonuses for the weapon being magical?


Chaosturtle said...

If the power does 1-w damage + str modifier then it is basically just as it says K. Its a standard melee similar to a basic attack that does the weapon damage, plus the str mod, plus the melee enh. mod, plus the feat mods as well. If it were a 1-W damage attack without str mod, it would still have the other modifiers. The only way you would add a strength modifier twice, would be if the power specifically told you, usually under the powers effect.

Pondrepof said...

So when you making a basic attack, and an attack with a power.. the only thing that would change would be the Ability Mod you use... So if I attack with a power that has the weapon keyword and its a melee attack and it says to add [W] + WIS I would only add Wisdom and not STR (even though its a melee attack)

Chaosturtle said...

yup. thats correct. basically attacks get a modifier to damage based on what they are. Basic attacks are set for str. or dex. depending on melee or range. Other attacks can use different modifiers. some still use str, but others rely on different base stats as said in the damage formula.