Monday, June 01, 2009

Microsoft E3 Announcements

I went to lunch today and checked my twitter feed.. it had exploded! I forgot today was Day 1 of E3.. and all the folks that I am following were Tweetering the Microsoft press conference.. was a cool way to spoend my lunch. Now that I am home.. I am able to read through the info and watch some of the trailers... her's a rundown of some of the announcements that caught my attention...

First.. the Games:

Halo: ODST (Sept. 22).. not sure why I am so excited about the Halo universe... but I am. And I am really excited for this game... It looks pretty darm cool.. the first time we'll actually be able to play one of the human soldiers.. looks to be squad based.. meaning more awesome 4-player co-op...

That wasn't the only big thing that Bungie had in store... they also announced a new game called Halo:Reach. It releases in 2010. For those who don't know..Reach is the name of the planet where the Spartans were created.. (I have actually read a couple Halo novels) it was destroyed in the early parts of the war with the Covenant.. before the first Halo game took place.. so, to sum up... its a prequel.

Crackdown 2 (Fall 09) I played the orginal a good long while ago, was one of the first game I ever bought for my 360.. a lot of fun.. one of those games I wish I hadn't traded in.. maybe I can grab it used... anyway.. it was a very fun game.. and this sequel was actually a big surprise..

Alan Wake (Spring 2010) This game has been in dvelopment and has been talked about for years.. now we know when its coming.. and it looks really cool.

Some other big game announcements...

Left 4 Dead 2 (Nov. 09) The first one was such an awesome idea.. too bad my loser friends never bought it.. yeah.. I'm looking at you! This sequel looks just as good, and its set in the bayou... (Loiusiana)

Crysis 2 The game all the PC Gamers rave about.. well, this time its coming to 360 and PS3.

Final Fanatsy 13 - (Spring 2010) Not really any new info, though they did have some important Japanese guy playing it at the conference ona 360..

Metal Gear Solid Rising The next Metal Gear game will follow Square Enix's example, and release on the 360 as well as the PS3.. never been a huge Metal Gear fan.. but its cool that its going cross platform.. I hate console specific crap.. (I'm looking at you Little Big Planet, and you, Fat Princess, and all you Pixel Junk games..)

They also announced some general Xbox Live upgrades.. some of which sound pretty awesome.. others.. meh.

Twitter and Facebook.. you will be able to access and post tweets from the Live Dashboard, and check your Facebook stuff (if your into that...)

Avatar stuff... a big store is coming to waste money on avatar crap.. as well as clothing given as rewards.. something they should have done from the beginning.. so when you unlock an achievement.. you might get a cool helmet or something to put on your avatar.

Last.Fm Intergration. This is actually pretty awesome.. I have been using for a while now.. a great streaming music service... it'll be cool to stream music from there while playing games and such..

Project Natal... not sure what to think about this.. too early to tell. Its a system where you control your games via motion control. Not a motion controller like the Wii, this is a motion sensing camera... that also has voice recognition.

Games on Demand Coming "soon" you will be able to buy full complete Xbox 360 games and download them from Xbox Live. This is a the future of games right here... the use of disks will still be around for a while.. but eventually its all gonna go digital download. Nice to see that baby steps are being made...

The EA conference just wrapped up a while ago too.. I haven't had much time to look through their stuff yet... but there are three reasons why this conference is important. Bioware. Bioware. Bioware. Oh wait, those were all the same reasons... how about three more? Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. I'll add trailers for that stuff as I find them...

UPDATE: from the EA conference.... DragonAge confirmed for 360! Coming in October! And hers the SW:TOR trailer they showed... makes me giddy.

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