Thursday, May 28, 2009

the view from my desk...

This is what I will be doing from now till GenCon.. well, besides eating, sleeping, going to work, doing a little bit of gaming, and playing my 360.. besides those things.. this is what I will be doing.  Painting small metal men and women in an effort to prepare them for war!

I still have a pretty large list to accomplish before I am "done" for GenCon.  Like previous years.. I set goals for myself.. and this year.. the goal is pretty high.  I have quite a large number of models to get completed... Lets list them off, shall we?  I have a number of them that are very near completion and mainly just need basing to be done.   The majority of them however.. are only in the "primed" stage... with no paint on them at all.  I have been painting quite a bit this past week...and headway is being made.. albeit slowly...anyways.. here's the list, broken down by army/faction:

Circle Orboros
eKaya the Moonhunter (needs basing)
Laris (needs basing)
Shadowhorn Satyr (needs purchased, heh)
Megalith (same, needs $$)
Tharn Ravager Shaman (needs basing)
Tharn Ravager Whitemane (needs basing)
Woldwatcher in Stone Form version (mostly painted, needs basing)
StoneWard and Woldstalkers (6 models total) (mostly painted, need bases)
Dahlia & Skarrath (need painted, only primed)
Feralgeists (2 models) (need basing)

Evil Female Pirate Army of Doom
(all need basing, most need everything unless noted)
Fiona the Black (painted)
First Mate Hawk 
Eyriss Mage Hunter of Ios
Sea Dogs (10 models)
Sea Dog Riflemen (3 models)
Mistress Walls
Aiyanna and Holt (started painting)
Alexia & Risen (20 models) (started Alexia)
(the Risen will be painted "ghostly" and shouldn't be too bad, need to $$ some still)
Thrall Warriors (2 models)
Nurse Killingsworth
Infernal Bokur
Lil' Lady Rockbottom
Anastasia di Bray
Dirty Meg
Gertrude Di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist
Nomad Heavy warjack
Buccaneer Light warjack
Talon Light warjack
Mariner Heavy warjack (needs $$)
Vanguard Light warjack (needs $$)

So.. that's alotta models...  Circle is almost done thankfully, not counting the two warbeasts I don't own yet, though I should hopefully be able to snag them later in June.  Two warbeasts can easily be painted over the course of one weeked.  The pirates still need a lot of work... it complicates things that they are all characters... so they are mostly painted one at a time.  The army shall be pretty grand when its finished though... and the wood/plank bases on all of those models are pretty easy to paint. One of the coolest parts of the army.. once its painted.. its done.  This army will be static.. I wanted to make it just to play the theme.. and the one army list (with a couple options) is all it wil contain.  My Khador army still needs quite a bit of painting as well, but they are not on this years painting goal or GenCon.  Hopefully, the majority of my stuff will be complete because September I'll be buying the Retribution.. and will have yet another army to paint.  If I had a better digital camera.. I'd post pictures.. but my phone's camera just doesn't take good pictures of miniatures.

So what does one do whilst painting so many models?.. well... if you're me.. you listen to podcasts.  I listen to numerous podcasts.  The D6 Generation (table top gaming in all its forms), WotC's DnD Podcast (self explanatory), Listen Up (video game debate),  A Life Well Wasted (video game discussion), NPR's Car Talk (hilarious), Mobcast (videogame discussion), 60 Second Science (self explanatory), Iron Agenda (Iron Kingdoms), Guts and Gears (new Iron Kingdoms podcast).  Look them up in your local iTunes store.. and enjoy!  I also listen to audio books, though at the moment.. I don't have anything new to listen to.  Star Wars expanded universe novels are actually pretty fun to listen to in audio form if you can find them unabridged.  But painting and podcasting is one of my favorite past times.. so even though it'll be a lot of work.. I will enjoy it.  Hopefully some of you will be able to check out my fully painted pirates at GenCon this year.  :)

The real kicker... I also have to finish doing some work on my campaign world and write my one-shot adventure for GenCon...  


lokipan said...

sounds like a ton of work. Still, it's a labour of love.
In related Privateer Press news, looks like we are going to start playing PPs new pre-painted giant monster game. (sorry, the name escapes me...)

Pondrepof said...

Monsterpocalypse (on MonPoc for short) Its supposed to be an awesome game... our group passed on it cuz we already spend too much of our money on miniatures as it is... They are releasing a Voltron expansion for it next year.