Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Retribution of Scryah

Privateer Press just put this up on their website.. the announcement for the 5th Warmachine faction!  The Retribution of Scryah.  There are no pictures of the models yet, but that should be coming soon.  The best part is that the models release in September.. which means that the models will be available at GenCon in August!  Woohoo!  I was wondering what I was going to be spending my money on this year...  :)  For those not "in the know" the Retribution is an organization from the country of Ios in the Iron Kingdoms, and they are Elves.  These are not fruit fairy wood elves... these are zealot-ical, determined, angry elves with guns and warjacks (though elven warjacks are called Myrmidons), think of them as the "Germans" of Warmachine (sort of).  

The Iosan elves have probably the coolest back story and history of just about any race... their story is one of my favorite parts of the Iron Kingdoms.  They had a pantheon of Gods that, due to a great cataclysm (of their own making), vanished... leaving the elves stranded and lost.. some of their children are being born without souls.. and things are looking grim.  One of their gods mysteriously returned to them, a Goddess called Scryah, but she is dying and wasting away.  The elves believe humans, and others who use arcane magic, whether it be spell casting or mechanika (warjacks, etc) are sapping her life-force.. so now they are finally breaking their isolationist policies to venture out... and kill.

So this will be my 4th Warmachine/Hordes faction.... Khador, Circle Orboros, Mercenaries (Pirates, more of a sub-faction), and the Retribution of Scryah!

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