Friday, October 03, 2008

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Premieres Tonight!  9 PM  Cartoon Network!

TWO episodes tonight to start things off! ("Ambush" and "Rising Malevolence")  Normally there will only be one new episode per week, but this week they start it off with two.  You can also watch it streaming online starting next week (at or , though the streaming episodes will be one week behind the others.  Or you can buy the Season Pass at iTunes and get the new episodes automatically downloaded to your computer the day after they air on TV (that's what I plan on doing)  Anyway, tonight I am heading over to my friend Mike's to watch the premiere on his 108" screen (he built a home theatre).  I will have my review of the first two episodes later on tomorrow if I have time, but I plan on reviewing each episode of the series as they are aired. These reviews will be full of spoilers, so if you didn't see the episode, you may not want to read the reviews.  :)  That's all for now, and may the Force be with you!


lokipan said...

Whats the story on why they re-did this animated series? I loved the original.

Pondrepof said...

Well, first off, its not a "re-do". The original Clone Wars cartoons are still canon, and still apply. These episodes take place between the original episodes.. after Anakin becomes a Jedi, before the final 5 episodes. They are exploring all of the stories that were not told throughout that series and the movies. This is a war that takes place across a huge galaxy... lots of cool characters, locations, battles, and stories still need to be revealed. The show will focus on a major story arc with the main characters (Anakin and such) as well as "side stories" featuring individual Jedi and clones whom we've seen glimpsed in the movies, but don't know much about.

It is also meant to bring in a whole new era of Star Wars fans.. basically, ushering in a new generation.

Mariam said...

Good post.