Saturday, September 13, 2008

some music...

Haven't put a music post up in a while... so here goes.
Lately my music tatses have been pretty geeky and somewhat "retro" sounding... I have been really into music that reflects my gaming roots...  that being said I would suggest checking out the following bands.
Dealership.  I love this band... and Jane is a really great blogger and also has been a guest on one of my favorite podcasts (1up Yours) (I think I have a serious internet crush on her)   
Here are two videos of their songs.  Forest is an homage to Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.  The other song, All the Kids,  is just cool.


All the Kids

Jonathan Coulton.  His stuff is great... some times really funny, other times, sad.  He wrote a great some about the dog the Russians sent up into space long ago (the dog died btw), and a great song about Ikea.  He also wrote the Portal Song (Still Alive). There are a bunch of free songs available on his website.  His song Big Bad World One is my personal theme song.

Other recent discoveries..  

Man Factory:  They have an awesome album entirely about Street Fighter II!   Its awesome. And you can listen/download the entire thing for free off their MySpace page...

have i seen that man before
he's got the body of a matador
he reminds me of someone i once met in spain
Vega my conquistador
i am afraid, i'm afraid
why did you have to move all the way to spain?
i am afraid, i'm afraid
i'm all alone, all alone
i need you here at home

well i was waiting patiently
waiting just outside
when i heard a scream
coming from inside
daddy said "chun li, goodbye"

bison got away on a boat t'ward thailand
the captain of the boat had a scar and an eyepatch
yeah bison got away now his old life's erased
he never had to pay for murdering my dad
start the engine right away
pack my bags get on a plane
look out bison here i come
on a seven-fourty-seven 'til your day is done

And theres The Protomen.  An odd group that performs rock operas about Mega Man.. very high concept stuff.. their website is pretty awesome.

Other non-geeky relatd stuff.. I am currently listening to alot of Hem, I am Robot and Proud, The Ditty Bops, and Hera.   All good stuff, check them out.

Unrealted to music...
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lokipan said...

It is incredible how many obscure bands you follow! lol.

Pondrepof said...

I love the internet... without it I'd never find all this cool music. :)