Friday, July 25, 2008

Someone may actually end up reading this thing... I better keep it up to date.

I currently have very complicated and inconvenient living arrangements... I live in one half of a duplex house here in Bechtelsville.. but the house is still under construction. For the first few weeks I actually had to walk outside and enter the other half of the duplex in order to use the shower.. thank goodness that is done. (That was damn annoying) But the dining room and kitchen of this side are still unfinished... so I have to spend my days walking around the cans of paint and piles of scrap and tools laying everywhere... I have no oven, just a microwave - and my refrigerator is in the dining room... and after several weeks, I still do not have reliable internet or cable, still have a ton of stuff unpacked and in boxes... and to top it all off... this is not even my final destination. The other half of the duplex (which is even more unfinished than this one) is where I am supposed to be living.. so when that side is finished (who knows how many months that will be) I will have to move again.. *sigh*.. I'd really like to be in a situation where I can finally feel "settled" and feel like I am finally "home"... I don't see that happening soon though..


lokipan said...

Hey hey. Move back to Columbus!

Pondrepof said...

yeah... i don't think that's gonna happen. Move over here to PA! We got the Amish!