Sunday, January 06, 2008

1-Up and Street Fighter 4

So the 1 Up Show had a special episode dedicated entirely to Street Fighter 4. Featuring the first ever seen videos of game play footage. The game looks crazy (in a good way)
Here's the episode below. Or you can download the 1-Up Show through iTunes or just download it from their website. It comes out every Friday. It is a fine show... even when its not all about Street Fighter... it features the guys/gals from, Electronic Gaming Monthly (the best video game magazine there ever was/is), and Games for Windows Magazine. A great bunch of folks (though some of them can be a bit annoying) hanging out and talking about video games. They also have a really great gaming podcast called 1-Up Yours.. and another video podcast called Broken Pixels.. which is HILARIOUS! (watch it... you will enjoy) and speaking of 1-Up and Street Fighter.. they have a huge feature on the history and future of the franchise here.

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