Saturday, November 18, 2006

Spiderman #3

I must say... I don't know how they do it.. but Spiderman seems to be avoiding the jinx that many comic book movies usually fall too... they get too ambitious and spend all of their money on crazy effects and big name stars and lose sight of what the story is all about. Spiderman seems to be doing the opposite, it keeps the focus on the humans, which is what makes it a grand story.. while still capturing that blockbuster feel that movies need nowadays... Seen the new trailer yet??
Go here now, download the nice big video of it and watch it!! Or watch on YouTube below...

I was worried at first that they are throwing in too many villains, and thought that maybe they were forgetting about Harry Osbourne.. but I was wrong. I need to learn to have faith...I can kinda see where the story may go.. Sandman shows up, and turns out to be too much for Spidey, Hobgoblin shows up, too much for Spidey, so whats a superhero to do? Take the aid of an evil alien symbiote..thats what!

Here's hoping they don't ruin The Silver Surfer (in Fantastic Four 2), and lets hope the reincarnation of Batman holds true as well when The Dark Knight premeires...

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