Saturday, October 14, 2006


I just now discovered the glorious adventure that is Battlestar Galactica! I had never seen the original show, so I never had the drive to check out the new one. But the other week I happened to catch a few episodes of it when SciFi was running a marathon.. and now I am obsessed with this show. Holt frak is it amazing!
There are so many levels where this show excels in every way.. Superbly acted, superbly written, and superbly produced. I have seen the mini-series and all of Season 1 so far, and next weekend I will purchase Season 2. I can't wait.
The physiological dramatics between the characters and within the characters is so intense... I am absolutely riveted to the screen... Sharon "Boomer" is my favorite character by far.. her whole struggle with finding out who she really is, brings such an intense and personal outlook on the Cylon penetration of the humans. Kudos to the writers for coming up with such an amazing "tool" for telling their story. I anxiously look forward to seeing many more episodes of this show.

If the upcoming live-action Star Wars show is half as good as this show... I will be happy happy man.

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Anonymous said...

BSG is so deep and moving... kudos to the designers for keeping it fresh!