Tuesday, October 31, 2006

BETA...not VHS... BETA

Wowzers! I have updated to Blogger Beta! Look at all the cool new features! A sidebar featuring cool links that I frequent quite often, a more user friendly archive tool so you can go and read all my old blog entries, a nifty pic at the bottom of the blog, and the very neat "Label" feature which allows you to sort through blog posts to read only the ones you want. I think I may combine my two blogs together now since the posts can now be easily sorted out... I may not get to that until next week though...

I must say the "Label" feature is really quite well designed, and the new formatting tools are great as well. Kudos to the new format fellows! And to make if better, its even linked to your Google account (if you have one, which I do) Kupo! Its kinda like Xanga Premium, except it doesn't suck and its FREE. Kupo Kupo!

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